Shades Of Green

Your name is Kanayn Maryam, and you are 11 sweeps old. You are a Rainbow Drinker, a tailor, and a all in all man of style.
==> An iced chai latte appears on a solid surface in the kitchen accompanied with a note: ED called my job ea2y 2o here2 a driink on her. enjoy and dont worry. 2he wont be worked two hard.

Kanayn stared down at the drink, slightly puzzled with its presence in his home. He reached out to pick it up, the chill of it causing a jolt through his body; while he still retained the ability to consume…non-plasmatic fluids, he still had not readjusted to the concept of drinking things that are specifically cold. As his eyes roll over the note, he raised a brow in confusion, before glancing around to ensure no one else was in the room with him.

Slowly, he sipped at the drink, smacking his lips as he tasted it. Spicy, but not in any hot sense. Almost…cinnamon? Many different tastes and aromas he had not experienced in years. He then proceeded to drink much faster, constricting the veins in his head and instigating the worst of all sensations; an ice headache.

Kanayn slammed the drink back on the counter and glanced around the house, letting out a low groan, hoping that his current ward did not spot him pacing back and forth holding his head. 

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shes probably just curious about all the noise

she used to do that wwhen i wwas dabblin in that magic fuckery

ugh i miss you both so much i cant stand it

Do Not Worry

The Two Of Us Miss You Dearly As Well My Love

I Do Hope You Are Keeping Safe

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@lovvelyladyampora said: KAN OH MY GOD howw are you is ari doin alright oh god I wwas wworried I wwouldnt hear from you

Yes She Is Fairing Quite Well

It Has Been Quite Some Time Since I Have Had Such Extended Company With Me

She Has Been Surprisingly Well Mannered Actually Which I Had Not Expected From Someone Of Her Adolescence

Though She Does Find Herself Staring At Me As I Work

Which Is Slightly

Odd In My Opinion  

Well Well

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posted: 2 days ago

I Have Returned

I Must Apologize For Leaving On Such Short Notice

Or Rather No Notice At All As It Were

Please Do Not Think It Was Some Personal Action Based Out Of Angst Of Some Sort

I Simply Had To Retreat To

Meditate On My Current Abilities To Put In Simple Terms

I Do Hope You All Can Forgive Me

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good yes hand delivver all those attentions to your poor sick matesprit wwho hasn’t seen you in forevver

Of Course My Dear

Kanayn stepped back back from laptop with his soft, rather contented smirk that he wore so well; he had missed her dearly, though his time had been taken up by prolonged studies and laboring tasks of all varieties, from his high demand in the worlds of fashion, to his obligations as a Jadeblood Patron.

He made his stroll from the desk to the mirror, observing the corduroy suit he wore- a vibrant crimson that only one such as himself could wear so well. About his neck, a black scarf was wrapped, almost as if it were a cravat, though he was not one for such archaic attire. Deciding he was dressed right enough for this occasion, he stepped onto the teleporter, blasting himself from his abode in the forests to her own, on the high seas. 

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kan hey yes attention givve me youre attentions all a them

Attention Starved Are We

Well We Cant Have Such Things Now Can We

I Will Be Over With An Abundance Of Attention To Give Soon

First I Must Prepare

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im sick by the wway

probably could really use some attention


Attention You Say

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You settled down beside him. Well, really, it was so close you might as well had been on his lap. You hold onto his hand and bring it to your lips to kiss it gently. 

"Ivve missed you twwo, Kan…" Your earfins gently lowered, relaxing against the side of your face as he spoke so sweetly to you.

You wonder very briefly if perhaps it wouldn’t be easier to be around him all the time.

But you honestly can’t take arista away from the water if you don’t have to… You hum and lean into him. “It’s hard to be apart from you so much…”

"Indeed…it is quite a dreadful feeling, the languishing feeling of separation. I’ve thought about it a bit. I have…thoughts in mind on how to remedy it, but before I present such thoughts, I have things I must finish…"

You looked off, before summoning up a smirk, looking back to her. Your arms practically slithered around her, pulling her so she was tightly clung to you. Your lips grazed up her neck, taking in her scent. You couldn’t deny how much you missed her…her scent, her warmth…it was a refreshing feeling when you’re undead.

You eventually placed your lips upon her upon, kissing with a deep, primal passion.

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